Our Story

A story from our founder – Stephanie Green Bass…

I am a Mom to two beautiful daughters, one in my heart and one holding my hand. My story begins with my passion to make a difference in a child’s life combined with my love to (PLĀ) in makeup. Like so many women, to place a dab of lip gloss on my lips or brush a coat of mascara on my lashes, my spirits would be lifted but I would have never guessed such a small gesture would make such a huge difference, years down the road.

In June of 2004, after the loss of my first daughter, Bella, heartache was the only emotion I knew. My husband and I had 18 beautiful days with Bella before an unexpected infection took hold. I begged Bella to stay with me, promising we would make a difference together, but her body had already made other plans. During our stay at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I relied not only on the strength of my family but also on the amazing and giving staff, offering words of encouragement and hope at a time when I felt like I couldn’t go on.

A year and half later I was blessed with another beautiful little girl named Ava. Weighing only 3 ½ lbs, this precious baby began teaching me life lessons, some still learning today. Her sweet, loving spirit is a constant reminder to make the most of every day. Through Ava and Bella, I have learned to embrace the beauty that has been placed in front of me and I am grateful for every experience that comes my way.

Riding on the inspiration from my daughters and building on the experience I’ve gained in the fashion and beauty industry, I created (PLĀ) Beauty as a high-fashion, customizable cosmetic line with makeup that makes more than a physical impression but a lasting impression by donating a portion of proceeds to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and other children’s hospitals where (PLĀ) Beauty is sold.

I now know the power makeup has on a women’s self-esteem, confidence, and strength; my mission is to have my story touch as many women as possible because as women, we all carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Whether it is losing your child, your spouse or just yourself- we ALL have our own story. This is my story… What's yours?

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